SPENCIL - Little Clean & Dirty Bags (Kalkatungu Muu)

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Never get caught out again with these little Clean & Dirty bags. Suitable for little and big kids, these 'thank-goodness' bags keep your clean & dirty items separated until you can get to the washing machine. Perfect for Kindy, daycare and adventures far and wide, these handy and adorably designed bags are waterproof and zipped to help keep the mess contained!

Each bag features 'Wash Me' and 'Clean' identifying tags so you never get them mixed up! There is also a practical snap-on clip handle to attach it to your pram or child’s backpack.

Not just for nappies, these bags are so useful for travelling, accidents on the go and organising items in the backpack or overnight bag. The possibilities are endless and we know Mum is here for that.