SHIRLEY BARBER - Those Wicker Rats


World-renowned author and illustrator, Shirley Barber, has seen her works translated into multiple languages, with millions of copies sold worldwide. Step into the nostalgic realm of her much-loved works with Those Wicked Rats! Martha B. Rabbit finds herself in the company of the mischievous rodents who thieved her winter provisions and now return, attracted by the delicious food from Mr. Gnome's guesthouse.

Shirley Barber, now in her 80's and residing in Melbourne, is an acclaimed author and illustrator. Her books have been published in many languages and countries around the world. 

Imaginative, exquisite and truly magical in every way, this delight is sure to be a favourite. 

This beautiful hardcover book measures approximately 21cm x .7cm x 30cm.