FAT BRAIN - Wimzle


This little wimzle toy in a sensory delight for your little one. 

From the centre ball are four bars with brightly coloured sphere at each end. 

Sliding back and forth at clever angles through the center ball are four bars with vibrant, textured spheres on each end. Each sphere features a uniquely shaped, spinning silicone ring built into the centre that they can chew, push and play with.

Thrilling for the senses and wonderfully enlightening for young, developing brains, Wimzle will have your little one discovering and learning at every twist and turn.


- Unique sensory toy full of spinning, textured, squishy features little hands will love to explore

- Encourages sensory learning, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, exploration

- Little ones will be discovering and learning at every twist and turn!

- 4 bars cleverly angled to slide freely through the center ball

- Vibrant textured spheres on either end of bars feature uniquely shaped food-grade silicone rings

- Exceptionally strong, high-quality materials - BPA Free - Wonderfully safe for baby

- Food-grade silicone rings are great for soothing baby's sore gums

- Durable construction for lasting durability and safety