MierEdu - Puzzle Play Kit (My Community)


This beautiful magnetic play kit allows children to absorb themselves in the creation of their own community by combining imaginative play and to an extent role play.

Featuring 3 brilliant play scenes from the supermarket, kindergarten, and pet hospital, along with more than 190 magnets to play with, children will be able to recreate, or develop their own community scene.

The puzzles are designed to help children develop their problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, as they place and move each magnetic piece. As children assemble each play scene, they will also learn about the different roles and responsibilities of community members.

Children can play on the table or even on the wall with the included magnetic wall sticker. Develop fine motor skills and an understanding of the community surrounding them with rich playful experiences.

The Package for this product measures 28cm x 38cm x 10cm and includes 1 playset, 3 play scences, 3 story cards, 1 magnetic play panel, 1 magnetic wall sticker, 193 magnetic puzzle pieces, 3 puzzle storage boxes.