LLORENS MISS MINI - Miss Lilly Queen


This beautiful doll is part of a new range by Llorens Doll. Miss Lilly Queen will very quickly become your little ones new best friend. She is happy to eat lollipops and laugh and play all day.

She is 100% made in Spain by very skilled Artisans using only the most exceptional materials, making them exceptional quality. Miss Lilly Queen is not anatomically correct but wears a beautiful white floral dress that has is complimented nicely with a stylish pink cardi. She has white shoes, pink bows and carries a pom pom lollipop. Her clothes are designed by the Llorens team and can be removed and hand washed. 

Miss Lilly Queen stands at 26cm high and has hand painted facial features. She comes in a decorative box that is 36cm L x 18cm W x 10cm H. She is made of soft phthalate free vinyl and has jointed movements.