MAGBLOX - Monochrome 92 piece set


The Magblox® Monochrome Set is an excellent choice for minimizing confusion and enhancing focus, especially in educational settings where clarity and concentration are essential. This set features two solid black-and-white colour options, which help reduce visual clutter and simplify the visual environment. 

Part of the elegance dualism, this monochrome set is also designed for people with eye disorders, making it easier for them to use. The Magblox® Magnetic Tiles Monochrome Set promotes inclusivity and accessibility, providing children and adults with an engaging and minimalist option. It features a variety of shapes, including small squares, isosceles, equilateral and right-angle triangles, trapezoids, E and L shapes, plus a booklet idea. 

The Magblox Monochrome is a great educational tool for children, which encourages open-ended learning and helps in the development of fine and gross motor skills as children create animals, buildings, transports, mandalas, and multiple 2D and 3D ideas. Whether they play independently or with friends and family, they will explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) concepts such as mathematics, engineering, geometry, minimalist art, and cause & effect while developing essential skills like teamwork, perseverance, and resilience as they bring their big ideas to life.

Magblox has been designed to be more than just a toy - it is a sustainable, high-quality, open-ended resource that grows alongside your child’s cognitive abilities and adapts to their developing play style, regardless of how complex it gets.

MAGBLOX®  is compatible with other magnetic tile brands, and is suitable for children ages 3 and up.