Kruseling - Michael Doll

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For 100 Years there had been peace in Dreamland. Suddenly Monsters emerged from the Sea of Dreams and upset everything. Summoned by the Fire Opal, a glowing red heart, 5 girls were called upon and sent out to save the worlds dreams. 

Michael is from Berlin, in Germany and loves to play soccer. When he's not playing his favourite sport he loves to explore and find new adventures.

Each Kruseling doll is 25cm in height and is made of high quality vinyl. They have moveable joints allowing for animated, adventurous role playing. Their realistic, friendly expressions on their face make them relatable and appealing to young girls inviting them on a play experience filled with adventure.  

This Michael doll is wearing in street clothes. Michael wears a yellow T-shirt, jeans, gray sweater jacket and he carries his own hairbrush. 

Age: 3-7 years