GUS & MABEL - Glistening Snow 100g pouches


Gus + Mabel has the softest, fluffiest, sparkliest Glistening Snow around; it's essential for your sensory play.

Mould, Scoop, Jiggle, Pack, and Squish!

Simply mix 300ml water/50g Snow for a light, fluffy consistency; extra water will increase the volume and create a thicker soft consistency; you can even add more water to create a slurry of fun!

Turn your play tray into a winter wonderland or set the scene with beautiful fluffy clouds; stimulate their tactile system while they squish and squeeze that textural goodness!

Psst! Make the adventure extra by placing your Glistening Snow in the fridge for the coolest sensory play activity! Your little ones will have an absolute blast while chilling out; pun intended!