GUS & MABEL - Frog Lifecycle


 An incredible resource to introduce life cycles to your little one these felt animals are big in personality... and oh so cute. 

Featuring the 5 stages of the frog lifecycle these beautiful felt toys are 100% natural. Made from 100% New Zealand wool and non-toxic dyes they will provide hours of fun for your little one.


Eggs • H 3cm D 4.5cm W 7cm

Tadpole • H 2.5cm D 3cm W 7.5cm

Froglet 1 • H 3cm D 10cm W 11cm

Froglet 2 • H 3cm D 10cm W 10cm

Frog • H 11cm D 3cm W 6.5cm

PLEASE NOTE:   Lily Pad Pond Felt Habitat is not included in the listing price