Gus & Mabel - Felt Snail


This is Limino... And isn't he adorable?

Limino is so cute and always happy. Despite his magical abilities, he's not the fastest snail in the fairy garden and can sometimes be a bit clumsy. However, his presence comforts those around him, and he has a knack for making others feel safe and never alone.

If you're looking for something delightful to bring a smile to your little one's face, look no further than these endearing Felt Friends. These charming pocket-sized cuties will bring only happy vibes to your child's world.

Their small size and BIG personalities make them the perfect companion to snuggle with during story time and the ideal sidekick for every small-world play adventure.

Made from 100% New Zealand Wool  and non-toxic dyes these are 100% natural. This little guy measures approximately 8cm x 3cm x 10.5cm.