GUS & MABEL - Endearing Jewels (40g packet)


Are you a sneaky pirate trying to hide your loot, or maybe a pretty princess adorned with the finest gems, or are you simply just rolling in riches?

These Endearing Jewels are made up of natural crystals and eco resin rhinestones making them non toxic and bio-degradable. They are awe-inspiring, mesmerising rainbow-coloured natural crystals surrounded by the most spectacular twinkling, glimmering, shimmering eco-resin rhinestones. Your little loves imagination will run wild with the addition of this sensory play resource.

Sprinkle a little sparkle, add a little twinkle, and turn any activity from dreary to dreamy; it's easy!

Each pack measures W 7cm H 11cm D 2cm  and weighs 40g