GUS & MABEL - Delightful Dried Flowers (Small Peach Blossoms)


Time to sit, unwind and enjoy mother nature's wonders with these beautiful dried flowers.

Smell, Scrunch, Throw, Shovel, and Appreciate!

Little ones will enjoy them in their Busy Bee Tray while sitting on the grass under a beautiful blue sky or add excitement to inside activities by bringing a sense of the outdoors in.

Nature's little treasures will add beauty and wonder to any sensory activity; let your little ones watch them gracefully float in water, smoosh them in dough and garnish all their works of sensory art.

Small Bag Dimensions: W 11cm H 17cm D 2cm and weighs approx 20g. 

 Medium Bag Dimensions: W 13cm H 21cm D 8cm