FAT BRAIN - Trestle Tracks 43 Piece Starter Set


Fat Brain Toys has introduces their incredible take on the ever popular marble run and it couldn't be more exciting. Trestle Tracks Deluxe Set is a set of interconnected, 3D maze-like tracks that will keep kids busy for hours.

This toy is perfect for the creative builder in your house as they watch marbles take on an invisible slope going from one end of the track to the other! 

The Trestle Tracks Deluxe Set is made up of  1 catcher, 1 topper, 30 risers, 5 stainless steel marbles, 6 unique tracks.

Each one features an ingenious design and creative layout that offers both serious challenge and fun play.

It's a perfect way to teach them about gravity, engineering, geometry and more! The 18 different track layouts offer something new every time you build it - making it the perfect toy for any age.