Devine Little Minds - Aboriginal Symbol Flashcards


Symbols play an important role in Indigenous culture. They are often used in art, to tell stories and to share knowledge of the land and the beliefs of the Aboriginal people. 

Devine Little Minds Aboriginal Flashcards have been created by a number of children from all over Australia with an Indigenous background. We would like to acknowledge our young artists and give thanks to them and their families for supporting this project and sharing their culture. 

Symbols include:

Digging sticks, kangaroo, emu, spear, waterhole, waterholes & running water, running water, honey ant, forest, boomerang, woman, man, coolamon, snake, star/sun, rainbow, mountains, smoke, campsite, meeting place, people sitting & bush berry.

Cards are printed on Recycled Stock Card A6 (Please note due to the recycled nature of the paper, colours may vary from card to card)

Card set packaged in hessian bag.