BOON - Bath Toy Bundle


The Boon BUNDLE Building Bath Toy Set (Cogs, Pipes, and Tubes) is designed for bathtime entertainment. With this trio of Boon Bath Toys, your little builder can get creative in the tub.

Bath time becomes a scooping and pouring adventure with Boon PIPES! These five different-shaped pipes can be used separately or in a chain to create a cascade of watery delight.

With the addition of Boon TUBES, your child will have a total of eight watery delights to explore. Each TUBE and PIPE interacts with water in a unique way, providing plenty of opportunities for experimentation.

This package is completed by Boon COGS for optimal bath time enjoyment. When water is poured over them, they spin. They'll run like a fine-tuned machine if you position them exactly properly. These bath toys suction to the wall, allowing the water to return to the tub rather than spilling on the floor.

The only issue will be getting your young gearhead out of the tub with all of this to play with!


  • 5 pipes
  • 5 cogs
  • 3 tubes