Flexibles - Off Roader


When the race goes off-road you definately need a Flexibles Off-Roader. Kids and parents alike have fallen in love with the super-fun Flexibles series from Construct It.

The Construct It Flexibles Off-Roader is made up of 64 pieces, making it one of the smaller sets in the series. This Flexibles series uses flexible pieces of plastic and each set comes with all the tools (that are safe for younger children) needed to build the Off-Roader. The fact that they get to use real tools makes this so much more fun than just simply snapping a couple of blocks together. Construct It has made sure this set is perfect for younger children. Not just with the child-safe pieces, but with the instructions that are designed with being easy to follow in mind.

Putting together this fantastic Off-Roader is going to be something that they really enjoy. What is cool about this is that Construct It take great pride in ensuring their sets are designed around the principles of STEM learning. Children will be learning new skills, discovering the world of engineering, and be giving their creative thinking and problems solving a real workout too.