Flexibles - Demolisher

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Is there anything cooler on a building site than a demolisher? As part of the awesome new Construct It Flexibles line. Children are going to have tons of fun putting together this amazing machine!

The Flexibles range from Construct It is great for younger children. As the name suggests, the pieces used to build each set such as The Demolisher here are flexible. This not only gives them more give to make construction easier. It also makes them much safer for smaller children. The Construct It Flexibles Demolisher is a very fun set that is made up of 74 pieces. What makes this so much better than standard block building sets is that children get to use tools which are included in the box to snap and screw each piece into place.

While the process of building the Demolisher is a lot of fun, Construct It are all about STEM learning. This means that children will be learning as they play and this is how you make what they learn truly stick. From shape and colour recognition to fine-tuning those fine-motor skills as they make sure each piece is in the right place. While making the Demolisher is awesome, children are also encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to come up with other designs too.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.