Flexibles - Crane


Any child who loves cool vehicles is going to love this Flexibles Crane Kit. C

At just under 100 pieces, currently, the Construct It Flexibles Crane is one of the larger sets in the line. Children get to use tools to attach each piece of the Crane together and they will be having a great time as they go. Easy to follow instructions ensure that there is no frustration too! What makes the Flexibles range so great is that the pieces they will be using are flexible. This makes it easier to build, but it also ensures that everything is nice and safe for younger children.

There are so many educational benefits to the Flexibles range. Each set in this series is based around STEM learning. This means that children through playing will be learning new skills, think creatively, and be encouraged to think about the way the world around them works. They can even use their imagination and the 97 pieces to make things other than the Crane!