Rainbow Rice Sensory Kit - Insects
Rainbow Rice Sensory Kit - Insects
Rainbow Rice Sensory Kit - Insects

Rainbow Rice Sensory Kit - Insects

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Who love creepy crawly insects? We have just the kit for you!


There are many benefits to sensory play for a child. Not only will it provide ample opportunities of stimulation for your child’s senses it will also assist with muscle development, co-ordination and control.

 When babies are born they use their senses to help them explore the world around them. By engaging your little one into sensory play it helps to build connections within their brain. It also establishes key foundations and skills in the areas of numeracy, literacy and science.

 But most of all it is fun. Kids get an absolute kick out of sensory play. They love to squish playdough and run rice through their fingers. This type of play has also been proven to be quiet calming and therapeutic for some children (adults too) and we can often spend quality time sitting their engaging with our littles.

 Our Rainbow Rice kits come with three different homemade coloured rice’s (all dyed using food grade dyes), toy figurines (e.g. frogs, insects, mermaids, fairies etc), scoops, twigs, drift wood and an assortment of other small fine sensory play items. Your kit will come beautifully boxed which you can store all of your materials safely. Please note that the greenery is not included in the kit.

 PLEASE NOTE– This kit contains small items. PARENTAL SUPERVISIONis required at all times. Not recommendedfor children under 3years of age.

The components of each pack, and the colours of the rice, are chosen at random. They may differ from what is pictured.

  There is a 2-3 shipping delay on our sensory kits as the rice and play dough is made to order. 

 AGE: We DO NOT recommend these kits for children UNDER 3 years of age.